Liars & Thieves

by Good Luck Varsity

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released June 13, 2011



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Good Luck Varsity Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: I'll Carry You
Well I heard I stand for nothing, no conviction in these lines. That's a fork-tongued lie if I ever heard one, let me tell you why: I stand for love and mercy, new starts and perfect grace, and if my brother can't stand on his own I'll put him on my back and say:

I'll carry you, I'll carry you; with bloody knuckles, burning lungs, and shoulders black and blue.

I hope my enemies remember my name. I'll be the one still moving, dragging bloody brothers out of the rain. We all must face the valley, but I won't let you walk the road alone. Get off the ground, get on my back, we're going home.

I'll carry you, I'll carry you; when heart fails and hope sails and courage eludes. I'll carry you, I'll carry you; with bloody knuckles, burning lungs, and shoulders black and blue.

If you want to question what I stand for, take a look at who I'm standing with. Go spread your lies and fuel the fire, but we will not be moved.
Track Name: Psalm 23
I feel my chest expanding in a hurry. I've got a real love welling up inside me. And even though I'm walking in the valley, I'm not afraid for you are always with me.
Track Name: The Valley
Oh here we go again! I thought we survived the scare, but this time it's you my friend standing alone in the crosshairs. So I say, "get up! Get, get up!" The heart is an act that thunder can't follow. Lightning is nothing when you stand for something, I've said it before: bring on the storm!

Oh! Can you see? The way the storms retreat, in full defeat, when we stand our ground. We will not move. Our faith is not in flesh and bones, or sticks and stones, no; we find our hope in love alone.

Have no fear my child, for I have created you strong enough to stand, arms outstretched in victory, like the branches of the oak, united against the storm!

I've learned there is no end. The storm is a fact of life, and it tests our weaknesses, putting our fears in the spotlight. But we're alive and stronger each day, and we aren't getting out of the way.

Oh! Can you see? The way the storms retreat, in full defeat, when we stand our ground. We will not move. Our faith is not in flesh and bones, or sticks and stones, no; we find our hope in love alone.

The heart is like a tower standing pure and straight; despair is like an army banging loud at the gate. If fire falls around us and the whole earth shakes, then love will be the barrier that nothing can break.
Track Name: Brother
Do you remember the day, the first time that we ran away? Sometimes I wish I could replay. Dad slammed the hood and said, "you're good," mom hid her fear the best she could. We all joined hands and said a prayer, I turned the key and I was...

Free, singing, "I know the plans you have for me," and peace rested on my soul. Oh I ran free, brother, the open road was calling me to be the man that I was born to be, and you followed my lead.

Lives are broken, love has called our names. I hear the Father calling, "son, rise up and live your purpose." Deep compassion coursing through our veins. "I'm giving you a heart like mine, come follow."

You're running free, singing, "I know the plans you have for me," may peace rest upon your soul. Your running free, brother, the wedding bells are calling you to be the man that you were born to be, and I'll follow your lead.

Finally, I can see your life unfolding. Oh what a glorious sight! But I still remember where it all began. And our song still echoes in the night, and they sing along, they sing along, "Head high, heavy hearted! Have you seen the sky tonight?"

We're running free, singing, "I know the plans you have for me," may peace rest upon our souls. We're running free, brother, our different paths are calling us to be the men that we were born to be, and they'll follow our lead.
Track Name: Liars & Thieves
It was the third week of September, but I was still in love with all the sights and sounds of summer. Yea, I was dreaming of the days we ran through canyons, jumped from bridges, and gave the homeless hope. We made mistakes, and they were on display, but we forgave cause all we want is honesty.

So we sing loud, and when we shout it sounds like thunder, heralding the underdog, the liars and the thieves. Cause we're just like you, imperfect, we take our shots, we're bruised but not abandoned; no, never abandoned to the grave.

I feel at home among the beggars, the broken just like me. Cause they don't try to mask their imperfections, they do not deceive. When we fall down, we will not try to hide our insecurities. When we admit we need forgiveness we are free.

Some days I wake up, and all I taste is dirt between my teeth. I know that I've landed face down, and everyone can see all of my back alley brawls with all my inconsistencies, my every failure displayed in my museum of defeat. We are broken and flawed, we are failures and frauds, but we're learning, we're not hiding. We build our fortresses up, we spend our lives defending. I'm setting fire to mine, I'm tired of pretending.
Track Name: Blood Medicine
I met Him for the first time in a middle of a field. He studied the shovel in my hand and the old rucksack at my feet and said, “Son, what’s in the bag?” “Well,” I answered, “this here is the sum of all the rotten things I’ve done, which I’ve found and bound and am layin’ in the ground. You see, these rotten things, they keep me up nights, and they draw a cold stare from folks who know what’s inside. “Well, let’s have a look,” He said, and motioned for me to hand over the bag. I tossed it at his feet, hoping the stench inside would send Him on His way so I could attend to my business. But he untied the ropes that bound that bag and peered inside, and I felt as though He was staring into my soul. I watched his eyes travel from one piece of filth to another, but His expression never changed; it was though He’d seen it all before. He tied the bag back up and swung it over to me. Then he smiled, turned to me, and said, “yea, I think I can fix that.”

“You see,” he said, “there’s a medicine in my blood more powerful than any doctor could prescribe or any sorcerer could conjure up. One drop is enough to send that sack of ugly to never never land. What’s more,” he continued, “it’s doubles as a vaccine; it’ll keep you safe from any other bits of ugly you might run into down the road.” “Well sir,” I replied, “I’m grateful for the generous offer, but these rotten bits belong to me, and I won’t have you shedding your innocent blood over mistakes you didn’t make.” He sighed deeply; and while His disappointment was evident, I couldn’t help but take some satisfaction in rejecting His proposal. Who did He think he was, anyway? I’d never taken a handout from anyone in my life, and I wasn’t about to start now. As He turned to leave, He called out to me, “if you change your mind, then come sundown, bring that bag of yours to the old oak tree on the hill at the end of your field. I’ll be waiting for you there, son.”

I slaved all night over that hole and covered that bag with what seemed like half of the earth, but no depth could hold the stench of its filth. I piled the dirt higher and higher, but that sack of ugly always rose to the top. I beat the ground in despair and frustration until my weary hands were bloody and bruised, and I cried out to God in desperation, cursing him for an affliction that I knew was my own creation. All the pain that I’d caused and corners I cut stood before me, mocking my effort. Hopeless and helpless, I remembered the words of the man whose offer I denied: “I’ll be waiting for you, son.” I threw the bag over my shoulder and ran, stumbling along with my massive burden in tow. Pain shot through my muscles and bones; the toxic fumes lit a fire in my lungs, but I fixed my eyes on the hill and I kept running. And there He was, just as He said he would be, leaning against the old rugged tree with arms outstretched. I collapsed at His feet beneath the weight of my filth, and above my gasps for air, I heard Him calmly say, “it is finished.”

I was sold into slavery, I was bound by insecurity. I was hellbent on treachery, 'til you spread your arms and you covered me.