Foundations: 2007​-​2013

by Good Luck Varsity

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Agent K(ahunasan) Excellent Compilation by overlooked gem of a Pop-Punk outfit from the Motor City.
Enough Chords and riffs to keep things interesting.
Three Members write, three members sing.
Great melodies and vocal harmonies.
They are only getting stronger.
Check out their latest two singles. Favorite track: Plan B (featuring Travis Bobier of Search The City).
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"Foundations: 2007-2013" recaps the first 6 years of Good Luck Varsity's existence. The 12-track album features the band's entire "Thrones" EP (May 2012), the entire "MTNS" EP (December 2012), 2 re-recorded versions of older songs ("Plan B" and "Shipwrecked Safe & Sound"), and 1 previously unreleased track ("Hounds").


released June 20, 2013



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Good Luck Varsity Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Lakes
North Carolina has been kicking in my teeth, and we're finding no one cares about a band they've never heard of. But I had these dreams that every show would be just like back home, and every time that I asked for a witness I'd hear, "Amen!"

Well I love the open road, but right now I'm missing home.

So bury me, six feet deep, beneath the trees, with all my Great Lakes memories. This is where I want to be. I have seen canyons deep; I've climbed the Rockies and I've felt the ocean breeze. But this this is where I want to be - it's good enough for me.

I've been dreaming of times: bonfires in my parents' backyard, and those winter nights spent in my house that had no heat. But I've got a rogue soul and a runaway heartbeat, and I won't go home 'til all my dreams come true.

Point the headlights home and start the engine.
Track Name: We Are The Young
I smell disaster in the air, I'm bracing for the impact. I see their condescending stares as I try to keep my youth in tact. The world keeps spinning but I stand still, avoiding so-called "progress." I'm being passed up and left behind, but I've made myself a promise.

I've got the world in my hands. I left my anchor in the sand beneath the Detroit River. I'm delivered; finally free to roam. My name is written on the road. They might as well have used my bones to pave the streets I run, and beat my drum, announcing to the world that...

We are the young! We are the unrelenting ones! We keep the records going, passion showing, all night long. We are the brave! We are the promise that you made! We keep the fire burning, tires turning, all night long.

I found the fountain of youth in my veins; in my bloodstream, in my heartbeat.
Track Name: Cain & Abel
I had a dream last night, a king gave you his throne. He dressed you up in pretty robes and precious stones. He rolled you cigarettes in hundred dollar bills. You let your guard down and he moved in for the kill.

Have you forgotten where you started long ago, before obsession with the spotlight took control? You spoke encouragement and told me, "stay true." Looks like that principle did not pertain to you.

You're not ever convincing me to drink your poison. I'm not your target audience. I won't mortgage my heart for something temporary. I can't be bought, cause I'm not selling.

Passion and faith for fashion and fame; oh what a tragic trade!

Come on now, stoke the crowd, the tired trap for mindless youth. Sing out your trashy plastic poetry. Come on you tidal wave, put your brother in the grave. Smile as he suffocates, and push him out of the window five floors high.
Track Name: Wretch
In the beginning when I was young, I called you "Father," and you said that I was your son, and we were one. You trusted your work to my arrogant hands, but it didn't fit with my own insignificant plans, and so I ran.

Oh, wretched man that I am! Who will deliver this body of death? Oh, I am too weak to stand! How could you love me with all of this blood on my hands?

I pilfered my birthright; I gambled it dry. I sold every good thing that you ever gave me, and I, oh I lied to myself and I said, "my life is my own. I'll do what I wish with it. I've got no sins to atone here on my throne."

You were the innocent, I was the criminal.
Track Name: Liars & Thieves
It was the third week of September, but I was still in love with all the sights and sounds of summer. Yea, I was dreaming of the days we ran through canyons, jumped from bridges, and gave the homeless hope. We made mistakes, and they were on display, but we forgave cause all we want is honesty.

So we sing loud, and when we shout it sounds like thunder, heralding the underdog, the liars and the thieves. Cause we're just like you, imperfect, we take our shots, we're bruised but not abandoned; no, never abandoned to the grave.

I feel at home among the beggars, the broken just like me. Cause they don't try to mask their imperfections, they do not deceive. When we fall down, we will not try to hide our insecurities. When we admit we need forgiveness we are free.

Some days I wake up, and all I taste is dirt between my teeth. I know that I've landed face down, and everyone can see all of my back alley brawls with all my inconsistencies, my every failure displayed in my museum of defeat.

We are broken and flawed, we are failures and frauds, but we're learning, we're not hiding. We build our fortresses up, we spend our lives defending. I'm setting fire to mine, I'm tired of pretending.
Track Name: Mountains
I am a liar, I am a dirty thief. I am a beggar, but when you move in me, the whole earth shakes; I'll bring the mountains down.